Music. Memoir. History. Fiction. Limited Editions.

White Rabbit is dedicated to publishing the most innovative books and voices in music and literature. Building on the uniquely successful publishing he was responsible for at Faber Social, Lee Brackstone’s titles for his Orion imprint indicate the range and personality of a list that will encompass memoir, history, fiction, translation, illustrated books and high-spec limited editions. These will be supported by an ambitious and unique programme of collaborative live events.

‘I feel blessed to have this opportunity to create what will be a radical and surprising list from scratch in a new environment. I believe we are living through a great moment for music writing, and I intend to build a list that is expansive, experimental and commercially ambitious. I wanted a name that captures a psychedelic sensibility with a literary feel. Alice in Wonderland was the first book I remember reading as a child and Grace Slick is a righteous force in the history of rock n roll. FEED YOUR HEAD!’


I was looking for a publishing partner who would understand how important it is for me to share my story and insights to a global audience but who could also understand and respect how I connect with people on an individual level. White Rabbit gets it. They not only have the clout and backing of a big player, but the personal touch that I need in order to fully share my life on and off the dancefloor.’


‘I am excited, honoured, and quite humbled that Lee has chosen my story to be the first White Rabbit release.’


The White Rabbit list so far – with more to be announced very soon…

Liberation through Hearing by Richard Russell publishes 2 April 2020 in hardback, ebook and audio, priced £20.00

Sing Backwards and Weep by Mark Lanegan publishes 30 April 2020 in hardback, ebook and audio, priced £20.00

Remain in Love by Chris Frantz publishes 28 May 2020 in hardback, ebook and audio 11 June 2020, priced £20.00

C.A.LM by Jehnny Beth and photography by Johnny Hostile publishes in June 2020, with more details to be announced

Hey Hi Hello by Annie Nightingale publishes 23 July 2020 in hardback, ebook and audio, priced £18.99

Believe in Magic : 30 Years of Heavenly Recordings by Robin Turner publishes 6 August 2020 in hardback and ebook, priced £30.00

Oh Yes, Oh Yes by Carl Cox publishes 3 September 2020 in hardback, ebook and audio, priced £20.00

Lightning Striking by Lenny Kaye publishes 12 November 2020 in hardback, ebook and audio, priced £20.00

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